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Landscaping in Siskiyou County can be an exciting and challenging feat. As summer brings the hot weather, trying to keep your landscape green can be grueling task. You don’t have to sacrifice color or beauty to create a landscape that is also water wise and low maintenance. Landscaping with rock and other water-wise landscaping material available in our landscaping yard, can help you achieve the beautiful landscaping you have always desired.

Rocks and bark are a very attractive addition to any landscape. They make the landscape appear more natural. Small rocks are one of the choices for inorganic mulch, as they won't break down like wood chips or leaves. Alternately, bark will break down and give back important nutrients to the soil. Landscape rock and bark are available in many colors and textures. Besides accentuating colors, landscape rock and bark have several benefits. An area fully covered in landscaping rock will have more stable temperatures; the rocks absorb heat from the sun by day, then slowly release that heat into the ground at night. Landscape rocks and bark also stabilize ground surface moisture level by slowing evaporation, thereby reducing your need to water.

Landscaping bins at the Sousa Ready Mix yard

With all the variations in color and sizes, we recommend that you to come to our landscape yard and see what we have to offer.

Now, are you ready to ROCK!!!

Our Landscaping Aggregates

3/8-inch river rock 5/8-inch salt-and-pepper Big outs Black cinder Cobbles Decomposed granite Garden mix Lake County White Limestone Limestone base Limestone boulders Mushroom compost Organic compost Plaster sand Potting soil Red cedar bark Red cinder 3/8-inch red cinder River cobbles Shasta Green Small bark Sonoma Gold 1.5 inch Sonoma Gold 3/4-inch Top soil Two-inch river rock Walk-on fir